You are invited to participate in the following online training programs which have been developed specifically for students at Brigham Young University:

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

This training explains:

  • Conduct prohibited under the Utah Criminal Code and the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy; specifically, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.
  • The definition of consent in reference to sexual activity under the Utah Criminal Code and the University’s prohibition against consensual premarital and extramarital sexual activity.
  • Safety suggestions and information on risk reduction to recognize warning signs of abusive behavior and individual choices that may reduce your risk of being a victim of sexual misconduct.

Positive Bystander Intervention

This training provides:

  • Safe and positive options for bystander intervention, encouraging all members of the campus community to intervene in positive ways to prevent harm when there is a risk of sexual misconduct against another person.
  • Scenarios that portray possible incidents of sexual misconduct on campus, which provide you the opportunity to consider how you can become an engaged bystander on campus.

What Victims of Sexual Assault Need to Know

This training provides:

  • Detailed information for victims of sexual misconduct, including reporting options, procedures victims should follow, victim’s options for change, grievance procedures, and confidentiality.
  • A comprehensive list of resources available to victims on campus and throughout Utah County.